Who You Gonna Call

… or who to turn to when organising an event …

Organising an event of any kind, irrespective of size or budget, can be a stressful undertaking. Success depends on having the requisite knowledge, connections, flair and, of course, that most precious of commodities – time.  So, whether you are planning a wedding, bar mitzvah or birthday celebration, or a conference, product launch or company ‘do’, don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Your first port of call may very well be a friend.  We all know someone whose mother-in-law recently used a caterer who was “sensational”, a DJ who was “awesome”, a photographer who was “on a par with Cartier-Bresson” and a florist who “should be in charge of the Chelsea Flower Show”. While recommendations are a great source of useful information, they’re not without their risks.  Can you be sure that your mother-in-law’s experience is going to be corroborated when it’s your turn?

The caterer who produced exquisite canapés for your company’s press launch (for 45 guests) may not necessarily have the requisite experience to cater for 200 seated guests at your wedding, no matter how yummy those canapés were.  Equally, the club DJ you met after he’d kept you and your mates rocking all night and all morning, may just not be the ideal candidate to compere things at your daughter’s bat mitzvah.  Each to their own, as they say, but unless you’re able to match the right supplier with the right client and for the right event, you might end up regretting your decision.

The Internet

Then of course there’s always the internet.  Type in “Photographers + London” and Google will throw back thousands of websites at you. Same for venues, caterers, entertainers and indeed every other supplier you may need on the day. How can you tell who’s good and who’s not?  How will you differentiate between them all and pick out the one that’s the right fit?  When’s it worth spending a bit more? Where can you save without feeling you’re having to compromise on quality?

Websites can make the darkest and dingiest of venues look appealing, so never rely exclusively on the net. They’ll all have amazing images, boast fabulous testimonials and cite high flying clients – but what does that really prove? Can you trust them all?  How do you know if prices quoted are reasonable? How do you know they’ll honour the contract and turn up on the day?  What guarantees do you really have if you’re just selecting someone unknown off the net because they “look or sound good”?

The Bottle

Ah….nope, not a good idea!

That leaves one last option…

The Event Organiser

What can we offer?

  1. Years of experience – enabling us to give you impartial advice on what’s going to work and what isn’t.
  2. A black book of reliable, professional, tried and tested suppliers – from which we’ll hand-pick those that’ll deliver precisely what you want at the price you want.
  3. Unimaginable time savings – we do all the running around, researching suppliers’ availability, negotiating contracts, handling all paperwork, managing the budget, setting up the venue and managing everything on the day.
  4. A highly personal service – we will ‘hold your hand’ all the way and are always at the end of the phone.  You’ll just be dealing with us – while we deal with the myriad of suppliers.

As one happy client recently said, “I had the best night’s sleep in ages after meeting KP Events!”

We offer expert advice, full event project management, total peace of mind and an initial free no-obligation proposal.

So the only bottle you should be hitting is the fizz at your event!