People smiling at a live event

Why KP Events

We had a fantastic day and everything looked exactly as I had envisaged/hoped. I will definitely be recommending you!

Judy WaldmanBar MitzvahLondon

Best money I ever spent. I cannot thank you enough for everything.

Cynthia RoussoBar MitzvahLondon

If you need help creating an event that enhances your brand and entertains your guests, and want it done effectively, professionally and without any histrionics, then we might just be a good place to start.

We’ve been organising all kinds of events for the best part of 20 years. That means we’ve got a lot of experience to share with you. We know what works, what doesn’t and how to bring your vision and event objectives to life.

Our extensive industry experience also enables us to bring to the table a very well established network of tried and tested suppliers. By the time they get anywhere near your event, you can be 100% confident that whatever they provide – be it the venue, the catering, the entertainment or any other of the myriad of services that your event may require – it will be of the absolute highest calibre.

As a client, we reckon you’re principally interested in three things. You want a guarantee that your event will actually go ahead as planned, you want it to come in on budget and you want it to be memorable. We hold on to those key points throughout the process and that’s where we focus our energies.

Over the years, we’ve successfully managed to put on hundreds of events. Some were small ‘on-a-shoestring’ affairs, while others were high-profile live events for which a lavish sponsored purse was available. In every case, we’ve respected the budgets while creating outstanding and lasting memories.

Of course, every company these days needs a mission statement. Ours is quite simple – “happy clients”. And a short trawl through our testimonials ought to reassure you that we’ve done pretty well so far in achieving that.